Got 'Net?

Happy, happy CSS tutorials, courteously linked by CSS Zen Garden (check it out--mess with their css; it's fun!). My thanks to Tihleigh.

I feel vindicated: Searcher magazine says that Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica are both useful in their own special ways:

Let’s act like careful, reasonable people. Wikipedia is a great starting point. It’s a lesson in research methodology, a fun way to share expertise, and a groundbreaking new way of working. Its consensus model represents a shift in management styles and away from hierarchical organization. You might say that Wikipedia is Zen-like. Its ever-changing nature means that when you read it, you are completely in the moment. And its collective brain is like a conscious universe in which we are all one.

Britannica is a different animal. Flawed, yes. Behind the times with regard to non-Western and minority leadership, sure. Indispensable? You betcha.

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