Crisis vs. Access: Progress!

My thanks to the ACRL blog for pointing me in the direction of Andrew Kantor's article on the scholarly publishing crisis and open access. For anyone unfamiliar with this library/academia issue, there is much excitement (and postulation) that free online publishing of scholarly articles may not only solve many library budget issues (in the face of steeply rising costs for print journal subscriptions), but may also change the way research is shared and published. I particularly like how Kantor describes the internet changing research by "turn[ing] science into a conversation the way only modern technology allows."

The librarian in me wriggles with delight at the thought of the free sharing of information. The techie in me demands that these online journals be made available through RSS. Cm'on, my aggregator's hungy!


Peter Suber said...

Starr: To keep up to date with new developments on open access, see my blog, Open Access News,



Starrlett said...

Thanks, Peter! One more feed for my aggregator. :)