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I'm working with Annie Downey, one of the professional librarians, on creating a new display to promote Willis Library at orientation & preview fairs. We're trying to aim the display specifically at the undergraduate audience. You can probably guess--it's not hard to get the parents to stop at the library booth, but it's hard to attract their 18-year-old's attention. Our current display is really informative and has a lot of colorful photographs of the library and its surrounds, but we thought we'd rethink it for the youthful audience.

First, we're looking into ordering a larger display--so you can stand in front of it without blocking it--that is mobile (on its own wheels). We're brainstorming on the new signs for the display now, but our main idea is to use less text, and to use graphics that will attract undergrads' attention to library services that they'd be interested in, and unlikely to know about.

For instance: Willis Library has a Starbuck's located on the first floor (oh, joy!). The proposed tagline for this sign is "want a latte with that?" with a close-up of a Starbuck's cup. I'm leaning toward the current trend in design for macro photos of specific objects, instead of large, busy photos with a lot going on.

I'm happy to report that for this specific instance, I will be purchasing some Starbuck's* tomorrow not only for 8am-alertness and warmth (in our currently heatless office), but also for research purposes--I'm bringing my digital camera tomorrow. Now that's what I call hard work.

*My apologies to Tihleigh, but if Jupiter House had a kiosk inside Willis, I'd gladly patronize them instead.

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