La Dolce Vita

I am in the happy, dreamy kind of state that normally achieved after a long, luxurious swim, a refreshing snack of fresh fruit, and a nap in the sun to dry off. I feel pleasantly dazed and sun-dazzled.

This afternoon, after finishing my mid-term for Management of Information Agencies, I gave myself a few hours off, a reward for the completion of said midterm and the comp exams (that I turned in last night ten minutes into the Oscars). Since it was a gloriously sunny 80-degree afternoon, I had completed my midterm on my back porch with my laptop in my lap, appropriately enough, and my palid legs basking in the sun. A foolish, un-sunblocked-move that will probably have me baked to a crisp tomorrow, but it was great.

Thus, I put the laptop indoors, and ventured onto the (albeit drought-crunchy) grass with a good book (ah, Jasper Fforde!) and a Dove dark chocolate (ah, the flavinoids!). I spent some wondrous peaceful time reading and sunning my soon-to-be-crisped legs.

Then I listened to the end of A Wrinkle in Time and the beginning of Under the Tuscan Sun during my work commute. Two of my favorite books, and the second all about the pleasures of sunlight, houses, books, and good food. This, added to the knowledge that spring break is next week, and I have only taxes and a single painting to dominate my time before relaxation--I just feel good all over.

Maybe I ought to get out in the sun more often--vitamin D must be shooting endorphins to my brain.

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