My Not-So-Funny Bone

I woke up yesterday to find, to my delight, that snow had once again covered everything! (Where do I live now, Canada?) I ran to get Alex's camera, ran back to the front door, ran out the door to go get some shots of the house--and totally bit it on the icy driveway. I had, foolishly, put on Alex's shoes (that make me look like a mouse in a giant's boots), and one of them slipped off slid across the driveway as I fell with most of my weight on my left elbow.

I'm not a person to swear, normally (aside from "cr4p" which is just fun to say), but I let out the loudest, most outraged, "D*** it!" in my shrill voice that I could mange. I bet it looked hilarious from an onlooker's perspective, but unfortunately for the world, no one was outside to witness it.

I managed to limp to the end of the driveway to take my photo, and then limped inside, where I waited around another hour or so trying to decide if I should go to work, or go in to get my elbow x-rayed. It hurt terribly all day yesterday, and typing wasn't so fun, but was dramatically better this morning. This is just one more instance that proves a) I am the most uncoordinated, ungraceful person who has ever taken a decade of ballet lessons, and b) my childlike enthusiasm usually only gets me into trouble.

Other than that, yesterday was exciting--we're (or rather, I'm) launching two new digital projects at work, and Alex and I had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (I'd never been there before). The avacado eggrolls were fantastic, as was the grilled eggplant sandwich and the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Eating out at such places restores my faith in cooking. Maybe not my cooking, but the fact that somewhere on earth, people are being creative with food and making it well. Can you tell that I'm a little tired of my own fare and its boring nature?

And... that's about it. I worked today (just like I will on two other Saturdays this month), so there will probably be little in the way of interesting weekend activities to report. Alex and I are going to Cabella's tomorrow with his parents, but that's about the extent of it.

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suitedesign said...

Ballet lessons? Yeah, that just means you can be graceful on the stage and not at all graceful in real life. My roomate was a dancer and we beautiful on the stage but tripped all over her feet anytime she wasn't dancing. So technically, you're right on par! Sorry about the boo-boo though, ouch!