One-Day Weekend

Well, it was short, but we packed a lot in. We went to Cabela's with Alex's parents (now we've got to take mine, when they're here again) and "wow"-ed at the taxidermy, the gun library, and the aquarium. We even ate wild game in the restaurant--Alex had an elk sandwich, and I munched on venison bratwurst.

Once home, Alex and I hunkered down on the Fat Couch to watch the Superbowl. And I must say--this is the first Superbowl that I've been entirely captured by the game itself the entire time. There were some amusing commercials, and there's nothing like seeing sing Prince"Purple Rain" in the rain, but considering the amazing antics of Rhodes and Adaii, the Colts running backs, I was glued to the action. See, when Alex and I play Madden (the football video game, not the man himself), I'm always the running back. It's the only position I can get the hang of, and it's how I learned football (not so long ago, in 2001). And now that they broadcast football games with graphics, like the first down and all, and it looks more like a video game, I can actually follow it. So I was thrilled to watch the Colts win last night.

Me, the humanities student who always hated sports, except for the World Series. Shocker.

Anyway, this weekend we also managed to watch Flyboys (quite enjoyable), and Thank You For Smoking, which was sheer genius!! I need to own that movie. It's got the snappy dialog, the dark humor, and the gleeful joy of watching a fictional Congressional hearing. What more could I ask for? Okay, besides a song and dance number.

Then on NPR this morning, there was a story about ray guns in the military. I love living in the future.

If you're going to be in Dallas this weekend, please please please do myself a huge favor and go see Scott McCloud when he stops at Zeus Comics. I need to live viariously through you, as I'll be working again this Saturday and cannot have my three books by him signed. Sigh.

I guess it would be too much to be able to see Timothy Zahn and Scott McCloud in one week, right?

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