Oscars: Not the Grouch

I am a movie geek. My husband is a huge movie geek. However, the Oscars have been so successively boring (and looong) for the past few years, that I almost didn't care to watch on Sunday.

I'm glad I did.

Ellen was an excellent, hilarious host. Now, Chris Rock's shoddy job of the previous year would have made anyone look good, but Ellen went beyond decent into actually funny, something that's been lacking at the Oscars.

I also loved the new stuff they threw in--like the dancers interpreting the movies and the comedian bit with Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and John C. Reilly. I thought all the nominated songs were a little lackluster (why did they nominate three songs from "Dreamgirls," but not the title song?), but I did have to laugh at the director bit with Spielberg, Coppola, and Grand Neck (er, Grand Moff!) Lucas.

Before the Oscars, Alex and I spent Sunday getting--gasp!--some actual work done. It was gorgeous outside, and even moving 16' long metal sheets didn't dampen our spirits. In fact, I was downright ecstatic--and this is the gal who detests physical labor with great passion. This goes to prove that Alex and I both are more than slightly affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Fair warning: if you plan on buying a carabine or other short rifle, you may want to take heed and buy it sooner rather than later.

A geek's view of politics: Slashdot's reviews of presidential campaign websites.

We rented "The Prestige," finally, but haven't had time to watch it yet. Okay, we had time last night, but it's a long movie, and there was a new Heroes to watch. I was glued to last night's episode, and it didn't even feature Hiro!! And might I point out that, unlike another formerly hit one-hour drama (ahem, LOST), Heroes is actually starting to answer some questions. Before the first season is up! Gee, what a concept.

Okay, so Dooce didn't agree with me in the least about the Oscars this year, but it doesn't matter, because she wrote such a hilarious riff about Scorcese: "he was very polite and humble and totally ready to be folded up and put in your purse so that you could take him home and snuggle with him later. And then maybe use his eyebrows to towel off after a hot bath."


Valerie said...

just fyi - they couldn't nominate the title song from dreamgirls because it wasn't original. [it had already been used in the broadway show.] i'm still surprised that they got 3 nominations...

Starrlett said...

Oh right--that makes total sense. Thanks!!!