"How's the Sicky?"

  • Alex is sick with the Flu+, a combination of the flu that's going around, plus the respiratory funk that's going around. Poor guy's miserable.
  • Timothy Zahn's book signing (and my costumed appearance as Pink Seven) was fantastic--particularly because I got to hang with my "The Line" pals Helen, Kodiak, Brandon, and Jeff. I missed you guys!! (photos coming soon...)
  • Because Alex's been sick since Tuesday evening, we've consumed a lot of media while sitting on the couch: Lost, Smallville, and Heroes, of course, but also Wild Things, Tristram Shandy, Idiocracy, Grilled... I forget the rest. Oh, and a really hilariously pseudo-academic show on how ancient Egypt was populated by aliens who flew heliocopters. I mean, Stargate is more convincing. Honestly.
  • This is Working Saturday #2 of 3 for me. Sigh.


Trey Stokes said...

Pictures of the book signing coming very soon, I hope... ;)

Starrlett said...

:) yes, yes.

Starrlett said...

wish i had one of Zahn and myself together, but didn't get one, as i had to leave early. may have some more good ones posted to DFWfanforce, though, if my pal Helen got some.