Consuming Mass Media (...Yummy!)

  • Who names a poor, mutated duckling with four feet "Stumpy?" I mean, really. I just want to befriend this sick, twisted person who obviously shares my sense of humor.
  • Lots of nerd news lately--all the hubbub last month about finding Stonehenge's secret (jury's still out on that as far as I'm concerned), last summer there was the KV63 tomb, and now another Egyptian tomb's been found! My inner Indiana Jones is aglow with delight.
  • For Trump's sake... I hope he loses the WWE match. The man could seriously use a head-shave.
  • ...Unlike Brittany Spears, who shaved her own hair off on Friday. All I can say is that at least she's getting help. (And honestly, with two little kids to take care of--it may have been a very wise thing, to cut haircare out of the picture.)
  • The Oscars--yay! Print out your own ballot!
  • Ha! I always thought that the "daddy long-legs have powerful venom, but their jaws are too small to bite humans" concept was a bit urban-legend-esque. And it turns out, that's correct--it's totally made-up!

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