Weddings, Playoffs, and Other Great Events

So not only will I be wearing this in LA next month, but in March I'll be wearing this darling dress for a darling friend! (Hmm, I had Jaime wear her silver Doc Martins in my wedding, since we had silver dresses--I wonder if she'll require me to wear my black Docs with this dress? Wedding-Punk!)

I'd have already been interested in reading another Firefly/Serenity comic, but I'm doubly interested since there's an essay by Geoff Klock in it. Hooray!

Sandra Tayler has some great insights on taking criticism for creative writing; just in time for NaNoWriMo, too (join the UNT group)!

Wow, wow, wow--it's unfortunate that it didn't work out in the end, but Jim Henson Co. was courting Ursula Vernon about a movie option for Digger?! The very thought of how awesome that movie would've been... ah, well.

The Tigers and the A's... the Mets and the Cards... this doesn't bode a very personally-exciting World Series for me in any combination. The last time I had a strong opinion about any of these teams was the Subway Series--in which I rooted for the Mets by default, of course, since they're not the Yankees--and the I-70 Series--in which I rooted for the Cards simply because my parents were rooting for the Royals (and which I will never to my dying day live down, because Alex and his family are also devoted Royals fans).

So I guess depending on which NL team wins, I can either root for the Mets, or I can root against the Cards and try to atone for past sins.

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