DC Backlog: 10.25.06

The morning session about digital distribution was a bit of a blur for me while Alex checked us out of the hotel, and we bid farewell to Valerie and my new acquaintances. We walked to--where else?--Union Station for lunch, and gobbled down pizza at Uno, which had excellent fries. Then we walked down to the National Gallery of Art for the behind-the-scenes library tour, which our tour guide graciously let Alex join (there were only five of us). We saw their reference area, closed stacks, artist flat files, catalogs, photo collection, and slides, and my little geeky-artist-librarian heart nearly burst.

Alex and I checked our watches and hoofed it to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum for the last few hours before our flight, snapping photos, touching moon rocks, and saying hello to Charlie Duke's crew photo (my parents went to a Bible study at his house in the 1980's, and I watched Halley's Comet from his backyard when I was eight).

We retrieved our checked luggage from the Hyatt, and lugged it to Union Station, through two Metro lines, and on to Reagan Airport.

After another glorious flight, Alex's mama picked us up, treated us to Sonic, and patiently watched our photo slideshow before we all crashed at Alex's sister's house.

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