PC: Definition of the Phrase "It's Personal"

Can someone explain to me how it's even possible for a computer-driven device to have a personality?

I've had my share of tempermental bits of technological equipment before. During the three years that I worked as Dr. Brunner's student assistant, his HP inkjet printer gave me fits. But although it seemed to be infuriating on purpose, it was a logical problem, as the majority of the issues were paper-jam-related.

This printer, however, has a bonafide grudge against me. Several weeks ago, it randomly printed every blessed document I sent to it--but it must have been gracious on purpose because it was Monday, as evidenced by the fact that every print job I have sent before or since, no matter how short, is missing pages. I just sent a print job to it: ten copies of one page each, and it printed nothing. I sent the job a second time, and it printed them--but it had a definite smirk when I retrieved the papers.

Logically, if my computer's having some issue communicating with the printer, shouldn't I get all or nothing? Why do I keep getting only 5 pages printed of a 9-page document, or 3 pages of a 5-page doc? Why did it take me three separate prints this morning to print a 12-page document?

Honestly, if there are any real insights as to a logical solution to, or even a reason for, this problem, I will gratefully listen. I'd like to think that this isn't personal, considering the thing is a mass-produced item of plastic and metal.

Brief Overview, This Week in TV:

Eureka's season-ender (boo!), Lost's season opener (yay!), and BSG's season opener (wild, crazed screaming ensues). I read a quote yesterday from the current season of Gilmore Girls (it's four more seasons on DVD before I catch up) that I thought truely displayed the show's awesome genius:

"Don't underestimate me, Luke. I read books. And I watch Battlestar Galactica."

On a parting note, let me reassure you that my sudden lack in posts here isn't because I've forgotten or lost interest--in fact, I'm regularly making notes for posts, but haven't had the opportunity to post. The few minutes a day I've had for blogging has been spent on my professional blog lately. So, if you're desperate enough for my ramblings to read library-related info, hop on over.


Dawn said...

Hey. Isaw the Gilmore Girls. It was a great comment. I think you printer is actually mocking you. Don't underestimate how computers have taken over our lives. My e-mail was acting wierd the other day again. If I write someting the computer doesn't like, it just locks up. Plus it lies to me all the time. I suggest you look at your print set up and see if something is a miss!! Momo

Gatorbait said...

How did you like BSG's season three premiere?

Starrlett said...

Oh wow, yes, BSG--topic for a whole other post, I think.

Starrlett said...

Mom--sounds like your printer is censoring your comments!! Technology sure is opinionated... and grumpy.