Battlestar Fever (Spoiler Alert!)

(My apologies to my non-cable/satellite-connected friends. I have felt your pain; but I couldn't hold out any longer.)

So a reader asked what I thought of the BSG premier on Friday.

...Wow... Um, wow.

So, I did watch those ten webisodes--we saw six before the premier, and the other four afterward, once our extremely twitchy DSL shaped up (don't trust SBC Yahoo, even if your only other option is a semi-reliable wireless connection from a provider that never returns your phone calls and only remembers to bill you every other month or so). Ahem. The webisodes were a little more relevant to the premier than I'd have expected--clearly, you didn't have to see them, but it sure explained the question that immediately leapt to Alex's mind, which was how the heck Duck got into a Toaster-Police grad ceremony in the first place.

Um... about that. We're still wondering how Jammer, standing directly behind Duck, didn't seem to show even a scratch. Um... explosion. So--are we looking at #9 of 12 models, here? Seems pretty fishy to me.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of newly-revealed toasters, let me say that the addition of Quantum Leap's Dean Stockwell to the cast just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside my scifi heart. That, and the lovely Erica Cerra is just popping up everywhere--mom to secretly-adopted half-breed toaster baby on BSG, tough deputy on (now-on-hiatus) Eureka, and a vampire sorority chick on Smallville (in an episode that featured Carrie Fisher, no less)! I half expect that when I'm once again able to tune into new episides of SG-1 and Atlantis, she'll turn up as a friendly alien.

But back to BSG. I'm almost sad that Six is around in the flesh--will we get anymore of that tantalizing what-the-heck-is-up mental version of her (and Gaius, for that matter)? We got a peek of her again when the in-the-flesh Six was shot, so I've got hope. I still don't quite trust either Boomer, although I really really want to. I have to say that Tyrol's still my favorite character in the entire series (love the beard!), and if they've killed off his gal Cally, I'm gonna be really hacked. (And then immediately suspect that all is not as it seems.) And dude, is Apollo in a fat suit, or did they really make the poor guy eat 10-lb. bags of Doritos all hiatus long? And what was in the water over the summer, because everybody got married! I know they've got to repopulate and all, but is the original Boomer's unrequited (I assume) love for Tyrol going to be our only remaining romance?

Oh, wait, how I could I forget about Starbuck holding hands with that rotten toaster. I hope she's faking it, because I've got high suspicions that he pushed the kid down in the first place to gain Starbuck's sympathy.

You've got to love the complicated shades of grey in this show, which is what's made it what it is since the beginning. We've not only got complicated, flawed human beings, but we've got toasters to hate (Doral), toasters to love (Six), toasters we love to hate (Brother Cavil), and toasters we aren't quite sure about (Boomer 1 & 2).

...So, is it Friday yet?


Loonacy said...

LOL it was an awesome two first shows and I love your mind somedays hehe.

Starrlett said...

I get into "fever mode" with certain shows--notably BSG, SG1, Lost, and a long time ago Smallville; it used to be because we'd devote a whole month (or, er week) to finishing an entire season on DVD. It's a bit different now watching most of them in real-time--less intense--except BSG is so freaking intense naturally that I'm feverish about it even when I have to wait a week. Regularly.

I'm dyin' here.