DC Backlog: 10.22.06

The morning was my FDLP orientation session, and then Alex and I grabbed some polish sausage from The Billy Goat and wandered down to the Capitol Building for a few hours. Most people in the area were ridiculously bundled in thick coats and scarves, while we supposed light-weight Texans had only thin sweaters over shirts. Were all the other tourists from Florida? We took a bunch of pictures, then returned so that I could attend some afternoon sessions and meet up with Valerie.

Then we wandered to Union Station for dinner--past the accident scene at its entrance, where a taxi had run into some mammoth flower-pots. And promptly discovered that 9pm closing was nothing; on Sundays, everything closes at 6! We managed to snag a great dinner at Au Bon Pain, where I discovered that the dreamiest sandwich on earth involves: smoked turkey, jalapeno guacamole, swiss, crunchy snow peas, tomato, and jalapeno mayo.

Of course, Ben & Jerry's would have cost us $12 for one scoop each--!--so we instead returned to the hotel and purchased a pint of Haagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream instead, which we devoured in Aforementioned Comfy Bed while watching the Discovery Channel and Game 2 of the World Series.

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