On Cloud Nine

So in my PHP class last spring, one of my classmates created this nifty word cloud--it acted both as a guide to frequently-discussed topics, and also a nifty navigational tool. I thought to myself, "Self, that's a really cool little trick." And promptly forgot about it.

Yesterday, while reading a librarian blog, I was reminded of this trick in a new, neat way. SnapShirts will create custom t-shirts based on your blog's feed (or another blog that you read), and you can choose colors and sizes, then promptly purchase a few dozen to distribute to family, friends, and poorly-dressed passers-by. Theoretically, you could clever use such shirts to further promote your blog or website... hmmm.

If you'd like to add a similar word cloud to your website to use as an afore-mentioned nifty navigational tool, go to TagCloud for an easy alternative to slaving through the code on your own. I'll post a link to mine when it's been formulated.

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