Extra, Extra!

Did you wear a red shirt today to show your support for women's heart disease awareness? I did!

Stop the press: Hot Topic is selling Princess Bride shirts. And pins. And... perfume? (Below is the shirt that I couldn't resist buying.)

So, if the anticipated Pixar/Disney re-deal does go through, at least this time it looks like Pixar's getting a better deal. Mixed feelings abound: loyalty for Old Disney, bitter anger and lack of respect for New Disney, immense love and respect for Pixar and yet--irrepressible joy when I see the Disney logo on a Pixar film. Sigh...

Don't lose all respect for me: I love this Nacho Libre poster. Rock on, Jack Black, rock on.

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Kodiak said...

If ever there was the perfect movie to star Jack Black, it is the great Nacho Libre!!!

Jack was born to play that part!!

p.s. I like the Princess Bride t-shirt :)