Domestic Goddess...?

I read Ghost World today. I'm looking through graphic novel resources at the library and pick the best ones to list in a Subject Guide. I picked out about eleven books today and perused them to determine if they were list-worthy or not, and got so sucked into Ghost World that I finished it. It's hard to say if I liked it or not, or totally "got" it, but man, was the art gorgeous. I love the light blue as the only accent on the stark black and white.

In other news, I finally learned the correct way to fold T-shirts today. In my strangely uncharacteristic housekeeping bent of the past two months, I've been folding laundry and cleaning in the mornings while watching the news and whatever else comes on channel 8 after it (because the bunny ears don't get much else). Anyhow, when the soaps came on this morning, I switched to fuzzy channel 5 in self-defense, and Martha Stewart herself showed me how easy it was to make Alex's undershirts look like they'd been folded by clerks at Foley's, instead of rumpled semi-folded piles that gradually pool into cottony oblivion in the drawer.

It bugs me a little that I'm so proud of this domestic skill, when I ought to be catching up on Slashdot news or learning Japanese or refining my superhero skills. But, yaknow, the shirts still have to be folded. They might as well be folded with the precision that only a quirky art library student can give, right?

And in the Amazingly Great News category: we got new chairs at work! Now, for those of you who stand up all day or already have great chairs, this may not seem like news. But those of you who've fought over the one decent office chair, the one that reclines and raises, you know what I'm talking about. My back's been protesting the slumpy, slouch-inducing seats for months, and today, I was amazed to find two shiny--well, okay, not shiny in the physical sense, but shiny in the "oh cool, they're new" sense--two shiny gorgeous blue chairs at the Reference Desk. And when I sat down, I suddenly remembered what it felt like to sit on a chair with a cushion. An actual cushion-y cushion, not a chair bitterly hardened by years of posteriors smashing it flat.

Hooray for naive, idealistic chairs! Hooray for having no idea what that means!

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