Oh Yeah, It's Winter

This weekend's biting weather was quite harsh after a glorious winter of 60-89 degree days. I demand that the "snow day" excuse be supplemented by the "it was gloriously warm and cozy in my bed this morning and I didn't want to freeze in the shower" excuse.

Bad part of weekend: not being able to see my mother's commencement ceremony and then driving home on freezing slick roads
Good part of weekend: watching Latin ice dancing (what was with all the falling?) while putting up our Ikea bookcase

Now, back to completing my online portfolio. Dreamweaver, bow to my every whim! (Yeah, yeah, I stayed up too late with the bookcase thing to be clever now. I realize this.)


Kodiak said...

Speaking of crappy weather...

I went to Oklahoma City this weekend to see my new nephew, and got iced in. The roads were far too slick to attempt a drive to Dallas, what with all the imbiciles on the road who have no clue as to how to drive through inclement road conditions.

Lousy Smarch weather!

Starrlett said...

I hear ya.

Joel said...

We haven't seen you guys in FOR-EV-ER!

Give us a call or email us. We should hang out soon...watch a movie, play some games, or go shooting. :)

Starrlett said...

hey, joel!

you are so right!!! maybe we could do something on a friday night soon? with me working three evenings a week and us trying to finish our building, we've been real home-bodies.

i'm glad you and kali have blogs, so i can keep up with your lives! :-)