I am glad to see the joy on a friend's face when I lend them a season of Stargate SG1. Spreadin' the love.

Can I just say that it makes me supremely sad and a little outraged that the media* says that Michelle Kwan's career is over at age 25? I know professional sports are for the young and all, but doesn't Scott Hamilton still occasionally skate with Stars on Ice? Doesn't she have a lot of her life ahead of her? Does saying that her illustrious career is over at this age make me look 1) unaccomplished at age 27, and 2) old and washed-up?

Danged media. Bunch of meanies.

*And yeah, I'm totally depressed that she isn't competing. I now officially have no idea who any of the competing figure skaters are. Hmph. At least the Flying Tomato had an awesome half-pipe run and Chad Hedrick did Texas proud.

Newest Wish: become a professional snowboarder
Realistic Goal: become a professional librarian that watches snowboarding

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