Arrivederci, Torino!

Alex and I were sad to see the games end last night. We're both big Olympics fans--both seasons of them--and it seems a long, long time to wait for the next round. And, dude--HD Olympics? I've got two words for that: gor-geous!

My favorite moment--well, one of them--Apollo takes gold!

Apollo Anton Ohno's short track runs were breathtaking and, in the end, exhuberant.

And a note to all my friends and readers: this week is Capstone week for UNT's School of Library and Information Science. That means I have one week to write three essays, 1500-2500 words each, to qualify for graduation in May. It's pass/fail, and I'm confident I'll have no trouble, but just know that I may not have a lot of time for blog updates for about seven days.

See you in March!

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