That Spring Feeling

Alex was amazingly ambitious today, and it paid off. He got the lawn mown, welded a new hitch receiver to our small trailer, used the lawn tractor to haul said trailer up to the house, cleaned the trash out of the trailer, and got us to clean out our trash recepticle, which gradually accumulated non-bagged trash until it was over half full of the crud.

It was delightful outside, so I worked on schoolwork from the back porch while he mowed, and then moved into the building while he welded/etc. It's good to periodically remind my body of what the outdoors is like, and to attempt to prod my melanin into action. (Of course, this never translates into tan, only dark freckles, but I'll take what I can get.)

I didn't even get to blog about last weekend's family activites, because Denton Reads kind of hijacked my weekend. But after the Children's Festival on Saturday, we had a baby shower for a family friend, and then our oldest nephew's fifth birthday party (Hi, Linda!). As usual, my sister-in-law had homemade ice cream to share, which was heavenly. It almost inspires me to hunt up the motor parts for Alex's Ice Cream Maker Guy prop... almost.

Well, maybe when the schoolwork's done, then.

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