Mile-High City, Day 1

Well, after nearly five hours of sleep, my loving husband dropped me off at the DFW airport this morning. This will be a rather brief post because I've got a few moments to myself, and this is--warning, mushy alert--the first time we've not spent the night together in over six years. Call it weird or creepy or just plain sweet, I don't care--he's my best friend and there's really been no need to not be together until now... I had to travel for work on too short of a notice for him to accompany me.

Apart from the frustration of not having my best bud around to share all of this with, it's been great thus far. Flying turns me into a happily hyperactive six-year-old (although I did manage to read a chapter and a half of the book I'm reviewing for the Journal of Web Librarianship), the Denver airport is quite nice, the highlight of the shuttle drive was passing gorgeous Coors Field (again, missing my best friend to share this with!!), I enjoyed the DLC sessions thus far, and I'm having a blast with My New Awesome Boss-To-Be. (She loves movies, particularly action and sci-fi--is that made-to-order, or what?) Plus, I got to briefly catch up with my Former Awesome Boss, who I'm glad to see soooo much happier in her new position.

And now I leave you, because there's a certain charming best-friend-love of mine that I need to call.


Amanda (the librarian) said...

Aww, so sweet! I hear ya though. I am lucky Breathless is retired and can come with me to these things.

FYI - my old eyes have a little trouble reading this blog especially on some computers - maybe the fairly dark text on the black background. Any suggestions on what I can do about that?

Starrlett said...

Hi Amanda! :) Good to hear from ya!!

Yeah, for some reason my choice of font and background color worked better before Google took over Blogger and slightly changed the template process... Until I decide to make some more changes, the two easiest ways to read it would be 1) to subscribe to my blog using a blog aggregator like Bloglines.com (which is how I read yours), or 2) copy the text from the post you want to read and paste it into a Notepad file (delete when done).

But Bloglines is probably the way to go. Read the posts there, and then if you want to comment on one, you just click the post title to be taken directly to the blog.

Amanda (the librarian) said...

Yeah, I'm doing the Bloglines thing - in fact I stole all your feeds to start with and have been adding and deleting to those. :)