Butterfly in the Sky...

Yesterday was Julia "Butterfly" Hill's author visit and the conclusion to the 2007 Denton Reads program. Whew.

Now I have almost 4GB of photos to crunch, backup, sort, edit, and post online.

Julia dedicated a tree at the Emily Fowler Library, then her entourage and the executive committee of Denton Reads plus some special guests had a fantastic dinner at Gayla's house (UNT's English librarian). It was great to have some casual conversation with Julia & Co. Things we discussed included vegan cupcakes, a dog named Joe, and what it's like to be a couple named Kerol & Carolyn.

Alex and I popped back to my office to offload the nearly 1GB of photos from the morning, then walked to UNT's Auditorium Building to join about 240 other people listening to Julia speak. She's quite interesting, and completely unafraid to make fun of herself. We both enjoying listening to her, whether we agreed with what she said or not. There was a massive line of fans waiting for autographs afterward, and then Julia graciously stayed on to speak with about 15-20 steadfast fans. After 10pm, I was too exhausted to stay any longer, and we sadly left.

Observations from Julia:
  • God had the right idea--in the beginning, he created an organic garden and two naked vegans.
  • Don't give in to anger when you're pushing for a cause. MLK's speech was "I have a dream," not "I'm pi$$ed off at the government."
  • I'm not "granolier than thou."
During her talk and all day yesterday, I had a lot of interesting ponderings that would have made a great post. But then I was exhausted and slept, and this is the post you're left with.

Julia also mentioned a book and movement that talk about an unconventional Christian walk. She's the daughter of a traveling preacher; while I can't say that her beliefs completely agree with mine, I found some of her ideas interesting to ponder.
This also comes at a time when a friend of mine has been blogging about some interesting takes on political/social issues that I wouldn't have expected from someone who attended the same Baptist college that I did. But then, I'm no Baptist, myself.

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