Snow Day!

Actually, this is the second bad-weather, stay-home-from-work day we’ve had this week! (Hence, yet again, my blogging has suffered.) Today we actually had quasi-snow on the ground and a whole lot of ice. Alex had to work from home today, unfortunately, just like he did Monday—but while I spent Monday classifying our DVD collection on DVD Profiler (which, although I’m nerdy enough to enjoy that task, still felt more like work than like goofing off), today I finished “Daisy Kutter: The Last Train” while cooking lunch, which was fabulous both art and story-wise. Yowza.

I also got all four volumes of the Star Wars: A New Hope manga in the mail from BookMooch (which I think brings my total books mooched up to 19!), and Alex and I had a mini-date night consisting of dinner at Chili’s (love that quesadilla explosion salad!) and watching The Illusionist at home (is Paul Giamatti the best or what?). With a break of an hour between those activities during which we picked up Alex’s dad (he had two flat tires) and picked up Alex’s sister from work (she’d taken DART-rail to avoid the ice).

It’s nice to have two days off in one week, but it’s nicer when they’re consecutive days. And for some reason, it makes the next two days at work seem longer than usual. Ah, well!


Paul Abbamondi said...

I loved Dasiy Kutter. Kazu's a great artist and storyteller. Do you like the Flight anthologies?

Brandon Frost said...

I am sooo addicted to DVD Profiler!

Starrlett said...

Woohoo! Fellow DVD Profiler fan! :)

Hi Paul--yeah, the Flight anthologies are gorgeous, although I've only read bits of them while drooling at the bookstore. They're all on my wishlist, though, and as soon as I get the last two volumes of Fables that I need (tomorrow, I hope), they'll be my next comic purchase.

Oh wait, I need volume 1 of Runaways so that I can read vol. 2 that I already own.

Dang. Dang, dang, dang. I need a second job to support my comic habit.