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(Yes, I even own the ridiculously geeky shirt that is linked in the title.)

I just found out that "Heroes" has been renewed for a second season--hooray! As usual, Hiro ruled last night's episode--I must say, I was badly disappointed that the sword wasn't real, although obviously it's now part of a much more interesting plot twist. Alex & I cracked up laughing at this part:

Hiro: "You flying man! WHOOOOOOSH!" [Does flying gesture.]
Nathan: "Would you keep it down?!"
Hiro: [Whispers, does flying gesture low down.] "Whoosh."

DVR is great: you can watch those hilarious bits over and over.

I finally read all the online comics related to the show, and they're much more interesting than I had anticipated (plus, cool easter eggs!). I particularly like Hana's character; hope she shows up on the show soon.

Unrelated Banter
  • Want a 30%-off coupon to Borders? Click here.
  • The Oscars... Not as in "The Grouch," but as in that overly-long, overly-political, scandalously-opulent, ridiculously fun awards show. And we rented "Little Miss Sunshine" just in time for its Best Picture Oscar nomination... too bad I work late tonight. Hopefully we can watch it tomorrow.
  • Are you watching President Bush's State of the Union address? The glory of modern technology: I have the live webcast in a small window on my desktop while I work.

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