The Female Passion (Shoes)

Last night, we watched the British comedy Kinky Boots. Not only was it funny, Alex and I drooled over the amount of camera time given to the fabrication of all the shoes on 19th-century machines. It was incredible. I had this intense urge to buy a pair of handcrafted, non-rubber/plastic-blend-from-a-discount-store shoes… which at first I felt silly about, but then Alex started saying exactly what I was thinking. Marriage is great that way.

I’ve also got two pairs of Skechers shoes on their way to me (hopefully come in two days!). I got the Patroller in toffee, and the Metropolis in black (may ask for them in brown as well for my birthday, they’re so tempting). My pal Leslie had the Patrollers on at our last party, and not only did I notice how rockin’ cool they were, but she mentioned how they were great work shoes—comfortable, yet snazzier than wearing normal sneakers. They should enhance my current “geek chic” look for work.

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