An Addendum

I forgot to mention that Mom and Dad bought Alex a much-longed-for gift: a set of Canasta cards. Yes, of course you can play Canasta with any regular card decks, but they’re not all marked conveniently for scoring purposes—these decks make it much easier to introduce the game to newbies. Alex and Dad scored yet another victory over us gals, but I tell you, this time it was hard-fought.

Also, see an addendum to the "Nerd Alert" post.


Tigpan said...

ooo...I want to learn how to play Canasta! :-) Ok, 5 days and counting until I get into my new apartment...and 10 days and counting till I have furniture in it. Then let the parties begin!

Starrlett said...

Yay!! We need to see ya, woman! Let us know when you're all settled in!

And we will *totally* teach you Canasta.