Ouch... Alot

My lack of a post yesterday wasn't due to a lack of time, or even a lack of ideas--goodness knows I have a list of interesting links and comments that's a mile long--but because of crippling pain in my left shoulder. Sometime yesterday morning at work, I began to have excruciating pain. I've had the oft twinge and ache before, primarily when doing a lot of repetitive cutting and pasting, but not only had I not felt any aches for the previous two weeks, but I don't ever remember it being so intense.

Twice, I thought about going home early, but I didn't really want to use a sick day or make up a ton of hours the rest of the days. Plus, since I didn't really know why I hurt, there wasn't really much I could do about it--even "resting" my arm/shoulder hurt. Once I got home, medication did nothing, but laying down helped a bit and Alex iced it, which helped mainly because the intense cold distracted me from the pain.

I woke up without any pain, but took an Aleve anyway to keep my muscles loose. Once I got in the truck, however, I could tell the same muscles were still tight, so I gritted my teeth and did the best I could.

This morning, I plan to reprogram my extra mouse keys on the left and right sides to perform the cut/paste functions, so I can do almost all my work with my right hand. We'll see how that pans out.

In the meantime, further recreational posting is suspended until computer operation--and sitting in chairs, standing, existing--is no longer painful.

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