I [Heart] Metadata

I really, really love that I can be a librarian and a techie. Talking about metadata makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Today was a good day at work!

Tihleigh, you truly are a mad genius--many thanks for your ancient oriental secret. I found Tiger Balm at Walmart while looking for more cortisone. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. My itches are much soothed, and I smell minty fresh, too!

I am assuming that this incredible foosball table is far beyond the reach of my pocketbook.

Check it out: my name's on the list, official and everything!

I'm getting business cards, too--ain't that nifty? And I set up my office; just have pictures left to go on the walls. Hooray for decor!

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Auntie K said...

Anybody know if Tiger Balm works for mosquito bites too? I thought it was only for aching, aging athletes, like Jerry Rice. Glad Tihleigh clued us in!