It's Quittin' Time

In case you didn't already know how a bill becomes a law, I looked up the SchoolHouse Rock song, I'm Just a Bill.

While researching art law today, I discovered that Constantin Brancusi's sculpture Bird in Space was the inspiration for the Xbox 360 design.

Speaking of the Brancusi Case (Brancusi v. U.S. , 54 Treas.Dec. 428 (Cust.Ct. 1928)), in case you weren't already in the know, it's an interesting tale about early perceptions of abstract art. Edward Steichen bought the piece, had it shipped to the US, and was understandably upset when the customs officials told him it didn't look like art, it looked like a big hunk of metal, and therefore they would tax it at the metals tariff rate of 40% of the sale price. Yikes!

Steichen, Brancusi, and Duchamp were all incensed, and the customs office finally agreed to reconsider the decision, and in the meantime released the piece to be exhibited -- under the category "Kitchen Utensils and Hospital Supplies." Steichen later sued the customs office, and suddenly artists were called in as witnesses for the prosecution and the defense, to state whether or not an abstract piece of metal could be considered "art." (Steichen eventually won the case.)

Art-related news:
And now for something completely different. I was astounded today to watch my calendar fill up at an amazing speed with a tour, a presentation, a faculty/staff picnic, a department meeting, two hours of reference desk duty, and finally picking up my office key. I got here at 8:30 am, and the next time I got to sit at my computer--and, er, work--for more than twenty minutes wasn't until 4pm!

I keep thinking that eventually, I'll have less items in a week when I'm settled in--but then again, by that point I'll presumably find some committee(s) or workgroup(s) to be active in. Whew!

And my thanks to
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And my thanks to Starrlett for showing me the "show title link" option. Aren't friends great?

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re: Brancusi case--It's so fun to have curious librarians as friends who ferret out (and share!) all these interesting tidbits. Keep it up!