Monday, Sunny Monday

So, I forgot to mention that we watched X-Men 3 on Memorial Day. Um, that itself probably indicates my opinion. Not disappointed or outraged enough to remember to deride it, and not impressed enough to praise it. It was very, very pretty visually. And that's about it.

There are a number of "wha...?" moments, including daytime magically becoming night in two seconds (sigh) once Magento tears up the Golden Gate Bridge (sigh) to span to Alcatraz, the mutant cure lab (sigh). Of course there's also the bajillion-plot-points- none-of-which-are-adequately-explored-or-resolved, and then a particularly frustrating incident--a main character's death... off-camera. There's not really much said about it afterward, so little, in fact, that I wasn't sure that was what had happened until the headstone was shown at the end.

Ah, well.

It took an extra half an hour to get to work this morning, due to a three-vehicle accident on 380. In the end, though, it wasn't too bad, because I got to listen to an extra half hour of NPR news, which just means I'm that much more in touch with world goings-on. But it did make my morning flow a bit wonky.

We--by which I mean Alex--got the fourth bathroom wall and almost all the joists up in the building. We're going to try to finish the walls/ceiling this week, so that this weekend we can finally call in the plumber to finish pipes to get us a working shower, toilet, and sink. And that, of course, leaves us to get the electricity wired and lights hung. Uggghhhh...

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Auntie K said...

Return of CYOA - very cool. I read Journey Under the Sea in the 4th grade. Guess that dates me, doesn't it!