Junk That Junk Mail!

I've just spent some worthy time ensuring that my personal and small business junk mail will--eventually--lessen. When I sat down yesterday to spend the day filing my YOC (Year-End Crap), I ended up with a HUGE bag of junk mail containing my personal or business address that I will have to shred. I don't have time to shred it now, and there's a burn ban, so I have this enormous bag sitting in a spare bedroom, a goldmine of information to potential ID-thieves and a nuisance to my already space-deprived home.

In an effort to ensure that once I am gainfully (full-time) employed, that I do not spend 85% of my weekends sorting and shredding mail, I signed up on DMA's personal do-not-mail list. And if you didn't sign up for the state do-not-call list, thwart those telemarketers here.

After a bit more effort, I discovered a similar resource for small businesses --I get almost as many credit card offers for Snazzy Decor as I do for myself (also see this). You can even print these pre-formatted postcards on carstock to send to all companies that send you unwanted catalogs (U-Line, I'm talking about YOU!).

It takes 3-4 months for all this to pay off, but at least once I graduate, I'll have less crud to deal with.

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