"I Feel Terrible"

Han was so right. Excuse me, I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. Urg, erk--and I thought I felt like the undead last week.

I've heard rumors for a few months now about new DVD episodes, but this article talks about reviving Futurama as a TV series! Woohoo! Let geeks everywhere rejoice!

Still waiting to get the energy to post some photos and notes from the previous weeks that never made it to the blog--I might begin that tomorrow. Today's schedule includes: filing two state sales tax forms (arg!), much coughing and wooziness (bleh), and a Star Wars marathon (whew!). I was excited about our marathon six-movie day (to echo our Extended LOTR marathon last January) before my stomach was attempting to digest large amounts of mucus. Now I'm kind of un-thrilled about consciousness in general, and specifically otrying to focus my vision and attention on one screen for thirteen and a half hours. Whew.

On a related note, I've recently changed my mind regarding the prequels. I know about a million people will be shocked and apalled by this revelation, but I think that Episode I is actually my favorite among the prequels. (No hate mail, please--I've got enough spam as it is.) And here's my reason: it didn't try to be as serious or self-important as the next two. There are some admittedly cool darker moments in the later ones--I thought that Palpatine in the opening of Epi-III was particularly awesome--but... After time, I remember more and more of E-I with fondness--admittedly, this is ignoring Jar-Jar and the fact that you can actually see Jake Lloyd reading cue cards throughout his un-cute wooden performance. But this is also the movie with Qui-Gon and Darth Maul and lush Naboo landscapes; and so far in playing Star Wars Legos on Gamecube, I like the Epi-I environments best. (Speaking of which, try this odd little Lego game online...)

Now that I've completely discredited myself in several of my geekier pals' eyes, I think I'll go see if my husband is ready to begin the marathon.

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Kali Shanti Park said...

i think another LOTR will be in order sometime..

have fun & feel better!