I Would Drive 100,000 Miles

My beautiful, beloved F-150 turns 5 next month, and just Tuesday morning it rolled over 100,000 miles. Sigh. Now, I can moan and complain about my lack of cargo/passenger space as much as I want, but I dearly love my truck. It's one of those "opposites attract" relationships: tiny, artsy girl loves big, manly truck. You know, SUVs have the passenger space, the grocery-loading ease, the commuter-friendly auto transmission. But when you come down to it, this small girl just likes sitting up high in a big cab and shifting into high gear--literally.

100,000 miles reminds me that Alex gets to watch the 100th episode of Smallville tonight, the lucky duck. If they kill off Chloe--again--I'm going to be mad for months. Jerks.

So between work, school, and keeping the house clean--gasp! me?--I'm creating an online portfolio to help in the job hunt, looking at creating a blog for the library, and trying to create some tutorials for the CDL. Hey, the more skills I learn in the next four months, the more marketable I become, I say. And learning anything techie just makes me warm and squishy inside.

...Or is that the caffeine?

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