Job Hunting (And Gathering?)

The Official Job Hunt is now well underway. I'm making a file with all my job resources categorized, in true librarian fashion--resources, articles, job search sites, list-servs, etc. I plan on creating a web-page for myself, so that I can quickly and frequently check sites, and to keep track of easily-forgettable URLs. It also helps me keep track of which articles I've read and to which I'd like to return.

I am beginning to realize that any job hunt is fraught with emotional turmoil--both positive and negative. I sunk with gloom last night upon reading The Entry-Level Gap and reaffirming its conclusions by finding few open positions in North Texas. This morning, I surged with confidence upon re-reading my resume and reading more articles on LisCareer. Currently, the initial caffeine rush of my green tea having worn off, I am stuck in a flux of thoughts in both directions. I'm also seriously hampered in my ability to perform simple tasks--since when did typing get so complex? I can see that my early-morning Friday shift will require a full mug of green tea, not the small sip I had during my drive.

Hmmm, some job search expenses are tax-deductible. Does that include the Starbucks necessary to keep me functioning at 6:30am on Fridays?

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