We've Got Two New Nephews!

...Don't know names yet, but the twins each weighed in around 5 1/2 pounds today. That makes for a grand total of five nephews for us--the Hoffman genes run strong to the male tendency, apparently. ;)

Alex is in Vegas for a work trip through Thursday, so I'm trying to be good and get homework done while he's gone. And am crossing my fingers about our current contract on the house during this 10-day options period.

Had a blast last night finally hanging out with my old pal Amy and her man Jaime. Had quite a nice chat--I miss how we all used to hang out once a week--but alas, my schedule won't allow that for awhile. Was good to see the ol' Amos Moses and remember the old times while dishing about the new times. And dude, she hooked me up with some pants--I do love me some hand-me-downs, cheap gal that I am.

Also, I am wearing AWESOME shoes. That is all.

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Auntie K said...

Yay--Twice the fun!