So This is What a Weekend Feels Like

...So, after a lot of cumulative work on the house and my academics, Friday resulted in a contract on our house and a 98 on my third statistics test (a class in which previous ridiculous amounts of studying had only resulted in a 78 and a 84 on earlier tests). W00t!!

Yesterday was refreshingly weekend-ish, as Alex and I unwound for the first time since January:
  • watched 3 episodes of "Lost," which we've been DVR-ing and not watching all season
  • decided that we actually care about "Lost" again, and are intrigued by time-travel-ish storylines (don't reveal anything--we're not very far into the season yet)
  • had yummy leftovers from the previous night's Chinese-delivery celebration meal (we'll miss Chopsticks on 380 when we move)... btw spicy orange beef is awesome.
  • shocked ourselves by laughing out loud together... and didn't recognize the sound of it
  • ignored the lawn in need of mowing (ha! take that, adult responsiblity!!)
  • ran errands at Wally-World... and bought Star Wars toys
  • visited our gorgeous 1.25 acres in Cross Roads (near Denton)
  • measured the spot for the new house... and perhaps a work building?
  • looked at theater-room seating
  • had yummy drinks at Sonic
  • Alex got to hear his happy Feist song, aka "the Macbook Air song"
  • perused Best Buy--but refrained from buying either Wii Star Wars Lego Complete Saga, Wii Smash Bros. Brawl, or even a blu-ray movie
  • got oil-based trim paint at Home Depot (meh)
  • did not spend over $100 at Half-Price Books... must be your imagination
  • (dude, I finally have Watchmen!! and Birds of Prey! and Penny Arcade!)
  • rented Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth
  • decided that it worked really well as an extended episode of the show... but I'm still waiting for Carter and O'Neil to hook up. (Come on, already, it's been a decade and the show's over--give me what I've been waiting for!)

Today, I'm involved in more responsible pursuits--writing/editing a collaborative book chapter and working on some of that ever-present homework. Ah, the joys of academic pursuits... but y'know, when I'm not also running about working on house stuff and what have you, I do love this. It's actually refreshing to have the time on a weekend to do homework... (shakes head).

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