Big Storm

Um... wow.

So, that was interesting. We woke up instantly last night to the oddest, loudest sound--wind, bashing the south and east sides of our house, alternating what must have been ever 5 - 10 seconds. It was so loud, it didn't sound like wind--I've never heard a storm like that. I was terrified--Alex and I leapt out of bed, he managed to grab our pillows and our phones, and we slept (badly) on the floor in the master closet, which we reinforced against storms when we built the house. It didn't seem like that was going to be enough last night.

We woke up in the morning--me groaning about my lack of sleep--to no power. Which I proceeded to moan about how hard it was to find clothes and put on makeup, etc., without power.

Then I heard Alex at the front door talking to a neighbor. The neighbor said something about his trampoline flying into our yard, over our cars, and into the next backyard. This neighbor being a joker, Alex laughed. But the neighbor didn't.

The Trampoline's Path

(More photos on Flickr.)
Yeah. This was the guy across the street, two doors down--at least a hundred feet away. There were long divots in our yard, several of them with trampoline springs in them. And then--yeah, it didn't exactly sail over the Edge. It banged into the frame, on top of the passenger side front and rear doors, leaving dents and missing paint, and a few plastic pieces came off the luggage rack (looks like it was just the wind that ripped off my rear wiper blade). And then it didn't just end up in the neighbor's backyard--it took a huge section of their shingles first.

We were lucky--being just two weeks from closing today, there was no more damage to the house than an uprooted bush. And we have comprehensive on my Edge--aka the Magnet for Disaster, this being its third incident in less than a year. And there's no damage at all to our property in Cross Roads--the storm didn't hit Denton nearly as hard.

But on the way in, we saw the transformers down--ripped from their platform, actually. So it looks like it will be awhile before the power's back on.

Transformers Down!

Dallas news about the storm:

Winds of up to 75 mph, and they're still trying to determine where some tornados in the DFW area touched down. Yowza.

Lonely Petals


Amanda (the librarian) said...

Wasn't that scary last night? It was pretty bad in my town too. Didn't appear to be any damage though. However, our university farm took a pretty hard hit.

the grand admiral said...

I think those are actually regulators, if you want to get technical. :) I'm glad you guys made it through okay.

Kali Shanti said...

Hey chica,

I want to invite you to Tor's first bday party, but I think I have the wrong email... here is the link to his evite!