Spring Has Been Broken

er... I mean, how was your Spring Break?

Spring Break Happy Feets

We don't really get Spring Break anymore at UNT as employees, due to a long story that most of us can only tell with a lot of grumbling and an exasperated expression, so I'll spare you. I took three of my vacation days, though, because I had so much homework slip by the wayside during the month and a half we've been working our tails off trying to get the house on the market.

Well, that was the plan, anyway. Actual Spring Break went like this:
  • spent Wednesday morning with an upset stomach, but managed to finish New Moon
  • spent Wednesday/Thursday on still more house-readying tasks (while grumbling)
  • spent Friday, Saturday, and a bit of Easter Sunday on homework
  • painted toenails two shades of orange (as per my Spring Break tradition)
  • took some photos
  • got house on the market Saturday morning
  • read over script for a comedic video I acted in Monday
...And believe it or not, in the only four days we've been on the market, we've had several showings and already have one offer! Talk about blessed. I have no idea if this offer will pan out or not, but man it's nice to get some feedback after all those weeks of work.

Now, I just need about four clones to help me with homework, work-work, keeping the house clean, and planning my 30th birthday party this summer... sigh.


Tihleigh said...

Last HIMYM? To die for...

Amanda (the librarian) said...

I had an offer (which I accepted) within three days of putting my house on the market, after a month where ALL my non-working non-sleeping time was spent getting it ready. I had a great real estate agent who priced it just right and even painted all the outside house trim for me (it was a brick house, so it was mostly just the eaves).