Hey There, Strangers

I see a light at the end of the tunnel... it still feels about a mile off, but still.

So, remember that whole thing about fulltime work, long commute, and fulltime doctoral classes? And how overwhelming busy it all made me? Ha.

(beginning of rant)
We decided to put our house on the market. To make a long, long (two-month long, really) story somewhat manageable, here are the highlights:
we had to help finish constructing our in-law's two-story addition, so that when our house sells (crossing our fingers), we have a place to live until the new place is built
we had to get our old truck running, so that it wouldn't be rusting in our driveway (and so Alex has something to drive to work)
we had to move over half (no, really) of our belongings/furniture/crap into that addition
then, we could see what paint/repairs/etc. had to be done before putting the house on the market
in sum: Alex and I have not done much other than work and work on the house(s) for the past two months. Every evening, every weekend. We are very, very tired and beginning to get a tad grumpy.

Two weeks ago, I took three days off and my wonderful awesome incredibly helpful Mom came up to help me--for five days straight, fourteen hours a day, we painted and packed and moved. And still, there is work to be done. The mind reels.

Thankfully, we have come to our senses, realized that with both of us working/schooling until about 8 or 9pm most nights, we can't finish this ourselves--we are officially overcoming our DIY-disease inherited from our parents and hiring help. Praise God.

Anyway, we're hoping (keep those fingers crossed, seriously) to be done this coming weekend. I am, pretty much, done with this house now. I very much would like to scream every time I see a paintbrush, considering that my schoolwork is beginning to suffer dreadfully because, let's face it, I didn't have time to read and write and study *before* this lovely hog of a project.
(end of rant)


Am I the only person unexpectedly addicted to "Eli Stone?"* And I didn't even know he was the kid from "Hackers" until four episodes in. Now, normally I am not a big fan of "laweyering" shows--or, for that matter, any of the occupational dramas, be they medical/legal/cop, etc. Too "real" for my escapist tastes.

However. This show has this amazing mix of hilarious fun, big musical numbers (which we all know I love), and unexpectly, real drama. In the last three episodes, I've laughed out loud numerous times, but I've also come close to crying in each one. And, um, I'm not a big cries-at-TV-shows kind of person. I mean, I cried at the last episode of Friends... and Star Trek TNG... but hey, those were series finales.

*(In the one hour of "fun" we alot ourselves before going to bed, this is one of the few shows we've been watching. That and, of course, the so-awesome-it-makes Friends-pal-in-comparison "How I Met Your Mother." Thank you, Tihleigh, for introducing me to the greatest show ever!!!)


Adam said...

I'm also becoming a big fan of Eli Stone, but I knew Eli aka Jonny Lee Miller was the Zero Cool Hackers dude from the get go. I've always held him in high regard after his work in Trainspotting... well and I do have a sick love of Hackers (guilty pleasure).

My wife is a huge Victor Garber fan, so watching Eli Stone was a given. The last few episodes have been pure gold.

Loonacy said...

I love you guys and I hope you're still sane... well, at least as sane as you usually are... um, more sane than usual? Something like that.


Take care of yourselves!

Starrlett said...

adam: Yay, we're not the only ones watching!

loons: hey, dude!!! how goes it? [subconscious brainwashing text: move to Texas move to Texas move to Texas]