Punk Librarian

  • Reading audiobooks is not cheating. Read more here. (I know Auntie K's going to back me up on this one.)
  • We all knew that Joss Whedon is genius. Yet here he goes, proving it again, and this time in a freely-available-online comic!! Robots! Aliens! Snappy dialogue! Chick bands!!! The glory of it!
  • Wait a minute.... scientists can be wrong? Gasp!
  • Airplane rides... purple lighting... USB charging stations... mp3 playlists that stick with your travel account--nope, there's nothing I don't like the sound of on Virgin America's new airline.
  • I know you all read this already--most of you sent it to me. But just in case you don't read Penny Arcade, here it is ("guybrarian" episode). (And for once, I actually don't have to put a profane warning on this comic.)
  • I know you don't really care, but my left wrist hurts. Not five days after I told my dad that my chronic wrist problem from 1998 - 2004 had finally left after surgery. Dangit.
Oh right, the title of this post. The reason for it is that today, I am wearing (from head to toe):
  • my usual spiky-hair edgy haircut
  • my cool librarian glasses
  • funky triangle/circle earrings
  • lavendar button-down 3/4 sleeve shirt
  • black "Book Club" t-shirt over that
  • Vertigo and Batman logo buttons
  • banned books bracelet
  • "librarian" skirt (funk-i-fied by myself with librarian-themed appliques and some lace)
  • awesome tall tall boots (similar to these, without the funky stitching)
The reason why I am wearing all this is three-fold (warning! another needless bulleted list ahead):
  1. We're in another round of Gilmore-Girls-obsession, which always makes me want to dress like Lane (post-Mrs.-Kim) and listen to the Ramones.
  2. I have been listening to too much 1980's punk on my sirius radio subscription in My New Awesome Ride (aka the Dreamsicle).
  3. We're really, really low on work clothes at the moment. Our dryer is, well, not. (Drying, that is.)
I may post some punk-ish librarian photos, at that undefined future moment in time when I spend a full 24 hours uploading images from My Awesome Camera. Sigh.

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Right behind you!