Things that Suck About Being An Adult
  • Filing auto insurance claims.
  • Filing taxes.
  • Filing work paperwork.
  • Generally, anything that has the word "filing" in it.
  • Bills.
  • Student loans.
  • Generally, anything that deals with finances.
  • Missing your parents, because you no longer live with them.
  • Yardwork. Housework. Other forms of "work."
  • Calories showing up in physical form on your body.
Things that Don't Suck About Being An Adult
  • Staying up as late as you want.
  • Watching any movies or TV shows that you please. Even The Simpsons.
  • Eating cake for breakfast. (Except for the last point in the first section.)
  • Living with a member of the opposite sex. Who isn't your parent.
  • Being friends with your parents--not because you have to, or you live with them, but because you love them and they are genuinely interesting, fun people.
  • The fact that bills and housework signify that you are independent and master of your own home. (Even if you do have to pay for it and upkeep it.)
  • Having the choice to go to school, or not.
  • Being able to enter things like "awesome new games for the Wii" into the budget.
  • Having a great job that I love, that is what I was trained to do, instead of all the wondering and worrying and preparing for my future. Dude, I am living my future.

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