Random Afternoon

  • Sputtr: an interesting new search tool. (No, hit "enter" after typing your search--just click on the button below for the interface you'd like to search. And thanks, Mark!)
  • 70 * 7: neat concept for a t-shirt store. Limited-edition shirts (70 made) for $30/each; when the stock is all sold, $1050 goes to a charity of the artist's choice, and $70 goes to someone in need in the artist's community. Oh, and they're also gorgeous shirts. (Thanks, Tihleigh!)
  • Go, Spurs, go! They're doing well, and one of our GovDocs student employees, a fellow San Antonian, got to see last night's game. Bully for her!!
  • Wow. I have a heck-ton of photo sets on my Flickr account. Guess that pro account really is worth it, after all.

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