...I'm perhaps half done migrating and updating my ePortfolio, as my web server's been down for several months and shows no sign of resurfacing. Stay posted for completion.


Auntie K said...

Nicely done, as always. Could I hire you to design mine? Oh, I guess that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Starrlett said...


You are fully authorized to grab the code and adjust it as needed; I can email you the CSS file, if you like. Heck, I just showed it to Lilly and will show it to a student assistant in 45 minutes and are letting them do the same--I just ask that you edit fonts and colors to your own style.

There are a lot of ways to make tiny changes to this website that look like huge formatting changes, but all you have to do is edit the CSS--all the HTML files you put your information into can remain the same. That's the beauty of those CSS stylesheets!

And, y'know, giving me a little shout-out as the original designer doesn't hurt my feelings at all. ;)