Incomplete and Incoherent

It's past midnight CA-time, which means my body believes it's closer to 2am, but I'll try to get down a few thoughts from today before I hit the air mattress:
  • Quote of the day: "it's only another half a mile."
  • Hilltop views in San Jose are neat... when the fog doesn't totally obstruct the view.
  • Walking a lot... hurts. Especially when you're not 21 anymore.
  • Cartoon Art Museum rocked my world; I was so thrilled to be able to see the Worlds of Wonder exhibit, and there was a bonus exhibit with a lot of animation art, including some vintage Disney.
  • We had a blast at the AT&T ballpark tour--except for not being able to see the dugouts.
  • Alex and Bryce gleefully enjoyed the Coke bottle slides (also at the ballpark).
  • Spotted another R2 mailbox!
  • Camera snafus suck. (Thank goodness for backup cameras!)
  • Never, ever, ever leave your wallet on top of the vehicle.
  • Ever.
  • When your feet are dead, you have an annual report to submit, and you just found your friend's wallet in the middle of the street several miles away (see items above)--you really need a nice dose of caffeine from a local establishment.

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