Season's End

(This post's motto is: warning, spoilers ahead!)

I liked the last two episodes a lot--particularly the second-to-last episode. But my one beef with the last episode: the blood-dragging path at the end looks like Sylar might not have died after all. Or that someone carried him off. But he should have died--because it looked like he did, with his eyes flickering scenes and going all future-y. I think we're ready for the new villain they hinted at, and in my opinion if they were going to carry over a villain, it should have been Liederman instead of Syler. As Alex says, if Peter would smart up about his abilities, he'd realize that he's tons more powerful than Sylar because just by standing near him, he should be able to manifest all Sylar's abilities... so I think Sylar shouldn't be much of a threat, really. We've outgrown him.

But I thought the way they (presumably) killed off Lieberman was really, really cool and inventive. And gross.

DVD release date: August 28, 2007.

Ooookay, I haven't commented about the last few episodes; I've been busy reading Geoff Klock's commentary on them and mulling this over with Alex. Jacob opens up a whole new can of worms, doesn't he? I was thrilled to see Walt back in a totally appropriate place. And I commented to Alex (before the season-ender) that what I've perhaps enjoyed most about this season is that it introduced Juliet. We were all wondering what she seemed upset about right in the first episode. Then, much later, we get a flashback for her. And then another. And we finally realize what she was upset about in that first episode--by the end of the season, we have a whole picture of this person and who she is, from this complete mystery at the beginning. It was such a successful character introduction, in the third season of an established show, that I don't think of her as "the new chick" anymore.

Another interesting recent flashback was Ben's--I like getting viewpoints from the Others, and tying in the VW was excellent.

And, of course, the crowning flashback: the flash-forward to after they're all back to their normal lives, post-rescue. My big question? Jack refers to his father twice in this episode. Alex points out that he was probably drunk and high at this point, but I think the helpful new doctor would have pointed out that his dad was dead... if that was truly the case.

So.. who's Naomi? And how does Ben know who she is? And, hello, Jacob?

DVD release date: ??? (Don't care too much; I enjoy the show, but didn't buy the second season--I have enough to watch already.)

Again, I say: 2008?!?! With four of the five last Cylons (potentially) revealed? And one of them being my favorite character? Arg!!!

DVD release date: ???

Stargate (1 and Atlantis)
Still waiting to hear when the season/series ends. We haven't watched last week's episodes yet; last night we watched the previous week's, and I am happy to see such a fun high-school reunion plot come around before SG-1 goes away. Yes, yes, I am a truly silly sci-fi fan: best episodes always involve 1) time travel 2) alternate dimensions 3) holodecks (or similar technology) or 4) high-school reunions. Two out of four is even better.

DVD release date (Sg-1): July 24, 2007
DVD release date (Sg-A): (Way too far away, I'm sure.)

The second season starts in July, but there was a sneak peak of the new season during SG-1, and it looks at least as fantastic as it was last year. WATCH IT. If it's cancelled because you're not watching, I'll never forgive you.

DVD release date:
July 3, 2007

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Kevin said...

i concur. Linderman's death was one of the most innovative deaths I have ever seen. And gross.