The 4-1-1 on S-T-A-R-R

  • I went to Corsicana yesterday for work and had a great time (read the story).
  • I took photos of the library mall renovation (see here).

Our Recent Media Diet (warning: spoilers ahead):
  • Smokin' Aces: rented, to watch today... will report later.
  • Night at the Museum: fantastic. I told Alex that the CG for once didn't distract me from the story, and he sternly shushed me, saying, "It's not CG, it's magic." I think he was right on that one.
  • Children of Men: okay, so the gritty violence is excellently done—but in a “Saving Private Ryan” kind of way, which is to say that I don’t ever need to see that movie again. And I was mad that they never resolved the infertility plot.
  • The Queen: it was fine. Helen Mirren was great.
  • Dancing with the Stars: go, Apollo! And Joey Fatone is hilarious. So hilarious that I have completely forgiven him for being a member of N'Sync.
  • BSG: go, Apollo!—oh wait… we've only got a few DVR-ed episodes left, and I am wondering what's going to happen with Starbuck "dead."
  • Lost (the episode from two weeks ago): comic-book chatter! Brian K. Vaughn on the writing team! Woo!!! My apologies to Geoff Klock, I hate to disagree with you, but the conversation definitely did not immediately signal Vaughn’s (or any other comic creator’s) involvement. Finding out about that later on your blog just made me think, “hey neat!” We watched last week's episode about Sun, but not this week's yet--both storms knocked out our DVR, so we're watching online now.
  • Heroes: Back in time--very, very cool. And I'm proud of myself for guessing that Nathan was really Sylar in disguise. I haven't watched the new graphic novel episodes online since they series returned, so I need to check those out soon.
  • SG-1: I miss Daniel. And it makes me happy that Vala does, too. And happy that she hugged Sam. What the heck are we going to do when this show goes off of the air?! Oh, and the preview for tonight: Daniel one of the Ori?! I repeat: what will we do when this show is gone?!
  • SG-A: Um... I forgot what episode we're on (caught up enough that we'll see the new one tonight, though). Lately I've loved McKay even more in this show--and also loved how they tied him into the SG-1 episode with Sam in the alternate universe. Suh-weet.

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