More of Our Media Diet

  • Smoking Aces: Bleh. What a promising trailer--seemed like a stylish black comedy shoot 'em up--and the only good part of the movie was Ryan Reynolds (for once, he was used not for comedic relief, but was excellent in a serious role).
  • Smallville: what, did this show jump back over the shark? It was all so angst-y that I almost didn't want to watch... and then Chloe became a meteor-freak... and Linda "Wonder Woman" Carter was cast as her meteor-infected mother... and then they created an awesome film noir-esque episode that made their awesome "1960" episode look laughable.
  • Lost: it's been announced: final three seasons! This gives me hope: an ending for them to work toward.
  • BSG: it's over until 2008!!! We watched our last two DVR-ed episodes last night, and were rudely shocked to find that the next season is in a year! Arg!
  • The leads have been cast for Time Traveler's Wife: Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. I think McAdams is a great choice; Bana I'm a little nervous about. I'm still having PTSD flashes from The Hulk (aka, "The worst waste of Jennifer Connelly in a movie EVER").

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