Don't Want No Drama, Drama

Okay, so last night Alex and I finally gave up and we're taking both Flags of Our Fathers and The Departed back to Blockbuster, unwatched. We want to see them both, we just don't want to watch so much drama right now--Pan's Labyrinth was about as much drama as we'll be able to handle for awhile! I was about to suggest taking back FoOF and keeping Departed, but then I saw the length... 151 minutes. Two and a half hours of heavy mob movie drama. Wow, no thanks--maybe in a few years when I'm feeling less stressed in my personal life and want some stress in my escapist hours.

So, speaking of Pan's Labyrinth, that was quite... interesting. Loved the visuals, loved the little girl, and was mildly surprised that the two worlds' storylines weren't more interwoven. It was pretty visceral (I mean, this wasn't Children of Men or anything, but compared to most fantasy it was pretty graphic), which was interesting, but hard enough to take that I don't think we'll be watching it again anytime soon--so not a "to-own" title for us. Not that we've been buying movies anyway, for the past nine months since HD/Blu-ray made us thoroughly sick of thinking about format.

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