Here's My Day--How Was Yours?

I chuckled at two signs spotted during my morning commute:
There was also a glitch in the Matrix during my commute. It sounded like several CD skips, but since I was listening to the radio, it was clearly a glitch in the Matrix. (So look lively, Neo.)

I IM'd the lovely Amy "Pink Five" Earhart during lunch and found that not only did she have a marvelously peachy time at ComicCon, but that she met Stan Lee. Stan-freakin'-Lee! And Edward James Olmos. And James Callis. And Aaron Douglas. And has the photos to prove it.

I'd explode with jealousy, but then I wouldn't get to wear this gorgeous bridesmaid's dress at her wedding. Yes indeedy, I, the lucky & insane fan-film-fan, will be participating in this blessed event. Thus firmly securing my supreme-geek status for eternity. Seriously though, this is just going to be a load of fun: Amy's great. How can she not be--she's originally from Texas!

I won't mention my incredible sinus headache and how hard it was to get my end-of-the-week work done. That'd just be sad.

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